Sotiris was born and raised in Athens. He has been working as a photographer for the past 20 years.
He has studied photography mainly through seminars, however, his artistic ability stems mainly from his love and passion for photography as well as constant practice and experimentation.
Sotiris is mainly specialised in capturing spontaneous, loving moments of weddings and christenings, but he also loves shooting nature, portraits , theatre, dance and concerts.
He loves those fragments of second when he can capture beautiful moments and save them forever. “Being present in the most important moments of a couple’s life is a gift. I am trusted to capture those moments and keep them alive for ever. That is why my relationship with the couples and families is special to me, built on trust and understanding of their needs. The magical sound of my camera’s shutter means that the moment will be kept alive forever” .

Dimitra, is Sotiris’ daughter and also, the photographic alter ego. She was raised in an environment full of pictures, so the occupation with Photography was “the natural sequence” as she has said. She has been photographying weddings, baptisms and events since she was 14, with Sotiris.
As she finished high school, she studied Photography for 2 years, at Leica Academy – Athens, where she took the best knowledge she could on a systematic basis, both in theory and in practice. She follows all modern trends and is constantly trained with seminars, tutorials and exhibitions.
Capturing the moment with a spontaneous and natural way, is her basic philosophy on photographic approach as well, which is what defines the team of This, is the basic aiming of the team : recording the moment naturally.